Monday, April 11, 2011


Our epic cross country adventure starts here.

When I told my dad we were heading to Bozeman, he pronounced it Boozeman. It's kind of funny if you know my dad, because a booze man he is not.

Our drive from Glacier led us through some scenic areas of Montana. We took roads less travelled, past a frozen lake, through Bald Eagle infested forests, to finally the Bozeman KOA. Again, there was snow all over the ground so, the pics you see on the link are not the views we had. It was a nice KOA though. We had intentions of only staying one night here also, but intentions sometimes go awry. After we got set up, we decided to go exploring. Turns out, Bozeman is a pretty cool town. We made a pitstop at PetSmart for a Halti for Boomer and listened to a saleswoman try to tell us how to walk our dogs. You can imagine how that went over. After PetSmart Dana forced me to go to the Bozeman Brewing Co. were we sampled some really good beer. If I lived in Bozeman, I would be a regular at this establishment. After a couple of beers, we left and went to find a place to eat. As I mentioned Bozeman is a pretty cool town, home to the Montana State Bobcats. We finally decided on the Montana Aleworks Bar & Grill. This place was awesome. Huge selection of beer and the food was awesome.

We had decided at this point that we wanted to stay in Bozeman for another night. Not because of the nice libations around, but because of the proximity to Yellowstone National Park. In fact, the only entrance to the park open this time of year was the Northern entrance and you could only drive 50 miles or so before you have to turn around. I will give Dana all the props for this recommendation. She had been there before but I never had any interest based on the pictures I had seen. I mean a shooting geyser is cool and all but it's not the kind of scenery that rocks my face off. But let me tell you, the two hour drive from Bozeman was well worth it. This park was awesome! We saw more wildlife this day than we did the entire trip, including all of the roadkill along the way. Elk, buffalo, and even an owl. The buffalo are so plentiful that after the first handful, our attitude turned into "oh look, another buffalo". Massive creatures that are not scared of your vehicle. Dana did not appreciate the proximity with which I chose to encounter one of these burly creatures. I think if we show the video of this incident to Klaw, it will need to be edited for language.

We enjoyed our stay in Bozeman, but if we were going to make it across the country before April turned into May, we had to find some not-so-scenic, boring, crappy-beer locations. As you can imagine, we did.

The epic adventure continues...

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