Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Dish on Diapers, Part Deux

Since my last post on cloth diapers, our routine has changed a bit after some trial & error.  We have also had a few trips to give us some perspective on using cloth diapers while traveling.  Please feel free to share The Dish on Diapers, where I go into greater detail about the ins & outs of cloth diapering, & this cloth diaper post to anyone who might enjoy it or find it useful.

I was recently featured as Diaper Junction's first Mom in Focus on their Cloth Diaper Blog! Check it out!

Cloth diaper detergents

We originally used Ecover Delicate Wash.  A few months into using cloth diapers, I switched to regular Ecover Laundry Wash.  This proved to be a mistake for our cloth diaper routine.  Before too long, we began having problems with the diapers repelling liquids which means LEAKS!!!

At first, I assumed it was just time to strip my diapers.  I did it the easy way (in my opinion) by doing several hot washes to get all of the soap out.  This would clear up the repelling issue for about two wash cycles & then we were back at square one.  It is not good to have to strip your cloth diapers every few washes; imagine the wear & tear it would have caused, not too mention the increase in our water/gas bill!

Finally, I just switched back to the Ecover Delicate Wash.  All has been right in our cloth diapering world since.

Cloth diaper wash routine

We have tweaked our cloth diaper wash routine just a touch.

Warm Soak Cycle - large load setting - NO DETERGENT
Hot Wash – ½ cap of Ecover Delicate – medium load setting -NO SOFTENER OR ADDITIVES
Cold Rinse
2nd Warm Wash - large load setting - NO DETERGENT
Cold Rinse
Hang dry Pockets & covers
Dry inserts/AIO/AI2 on low/gentle heat - NO SOFTENER SHEETS

Our washer/dryer set is a refurbished basic top loader by Whirlpool that we've had since ~2005.

Cloth diapers while traveling

We now have a trip to Georgia and a camping adventure under our belt.  Our trip to Georgia required the use of a washer & dryer.  We cleared the use of a washer/dryer with the people we were staying with beforehand.

To be perfectly honest, I probably would not use cloth diapers on a trip if I had to use a laundromat in order to wash them.  It is not worth it for me to spend several hours watching clothes wash when I could be spending it with my family or friends.  We usually stay with friends or family when we travel out of town, so it will mostly be a non-issue for us.  Many cloth diaper families have no problems using laundromats daily &/or when on vacation.

Our camping trip was just for a weekend (we now have 3 days worth of cloth diapers), so we were fine without having a way to wash the cloth diapers.  The campground did have restroom facilities, so we were able to dump & rinse the soiled diapers. Using biodegradable diaper liners really made this much simpler since the majority of the poop was caught on the liner & easily removed.

It helps to have some sort of wet bag to store your used cloth diapers in while traveling.  Look for one that has a waterproof lining & some sort of closure.  I have one that was made by Boutique Bella Bambini in a fun print.  However, you don't need to get fancy for function.  I also keep plastic grocery bags in my car & diaper bag JUST IN CASE we have a soiled diaper in need of some extra coverage!

Please let me know if you have any questions about cloth diapers!  ESPECIALLY if you are considering making the big switch.  Cloth diapers can be a full time or a part time affair; either way, you can see benefits.
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