Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Confessional

Okay, I know and accept that I'm not exactly a trend-setter when it comes to fashion.  However, I generally look presentable.  I prefer classic, American styles (see Ralph Lauren or some pseudo-Hippie commune in NorCal) to anything trendy.  If it can't be worn with flip-flops, it shouldn't be worn.  My go-to wardrobe is comfortable.  I like jeans, capris, peasant skirts, t-shirts & tanks.  I don't really stand out too much in public unless I'm wearing Klaw.  I am a trendsetter in babywearing around here...but I digress.

My sense of fashion has not always been so pleasant.

Sometimes, I embarrassed myself dressing up for special occasions.

Like Easter.


I know what you're thinking.   

How on EARTH could Dana's mom let her leave the house looking like this?

-The Easter dress was a hand-me-down from a family friend (not uncommon for me).
-I only received two pairs of dress shoes a year - one black & one white.  Obviously, it was not time to purchase my "summer" shoes. 
-It's hard to tell, but the tights are match the lavender dress. 
-Yes, that's a mullet.  This was an improvement.  Trust me.
-I am wearing a Swatch watch.  It's not as cool as it may seem.  Swatches weren't cool in the states until the following year.  Dad lived in Germany & bought it for me.
-I have never particularly liked having my picture taken.  I just fake it better now.

Happy Easter!

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