Thursday, February 24, 2011

You and Me...Free to Disagree!

I've noticed that many people online and in real life tend to get upset when people make different parenting decisions.  I've noticed this a lot with some of the decisions I have made and I don't really understand it.  Chris & I do things differently than many of our friends and even our families...but are there any parents who make the exact same parenting decisions every single day?  Please tell me if there are any because I'd like to meet them.

Even with Klaw, Chris & I have changed some of our parenting decisions midstream.  Some by choice, some by necessity.  To be fair, here's a rundown of our own hypocrisy over the past almost 11 months:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Latest Project!

When Klaw was first diagnosed with VLCADD, I was, as you can imagine, shocked and in a state of disbelief and denial for a little while.  I was given the basic informational websites so that I could get a feel for what having a child with VLCADD meant.  I was discouraged from doing too much searching around on the internet and with good reason, I might add.  Naturally, Dr. Google was available so I looked to him for answers.  What I wanted to know was how other parents were dealing with VLCADD and similar diagnoses.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogs of Note

Storing Up Treasures is one of my favorite blogs.  That shouldn't be a surprise since I've had the blog button posted on my sidebar for a few months now. The biggest reason I enjoy Courtney's blog is because of the  honesty and the vulnerability in her writing.  It truly feels like she is chatting with you, her dearest friend, over coffee.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot I have in common with her or her life on the surface (well, if you count our four-legged children as part of the family - maybe), but I find the story of her & her family compelling and, oftentimes, inspiring.  I don't always agree with her point of view but I respect the way she presents her beliefs and often find myself thinking more deeply about my own beliefs & values.

Courtney has set aside a list of interesting blogs from which she will choose a featured blog each month.

Her "Blogs of Note" inspired me to set aside a special area to showcase some of our favorite blogs.  Take a minute to check out Storing Up Treasures and some of Courtney's Blogs of Note.

As of this posting, our separate list of blogs is still under construction.
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