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Are you interested in guest posting at 
Really, What Were We Thinking?

Rare Diseases

I am interested in posts from parents, caregivers, & individuals living with any form of Mitochondrial Disease.  The subject of your post can vary, depending on what you are comfortable writing about in a public forum. Anonymous posts are welcome.

Guest posts dealing with other rare diseases or special needs are welcome to contact me about guest posts, also.  These posts are especially welcome during special awareness months or weeks.

These posts will be published on Mondays.  I ask that you publish a short post directing your readers to Really, What Were We Thinking? on the day it is published and assist in the promotion of your guest post.

Please contact me at ReallyWhatWereWeThinking (at) gmail (dot) com

What? You want me to guest post? I'm flattered!

Please email me at ReallyWhatWereWeThinking (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know what your ideas are for a topic and time frame.  I like to write about almost anything and I love making fun of myself.

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