Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 5 Retractable Leash Users

 FYI - I hate retractable leashes. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them.  I hate them mainly because of the people who tend to use them. It's not the dogs' faults.  It's their owners.  If this offends you, maybe you should get another leash & take your dog through some obedience training because I'm not apologizing.

Here are my Top 5 Retractable Leash Sightings in My Neighborhood - it should explain why I hate them so much.


5 - The teenager who doesn't really want to walk the dog(s) and therefore pays absolutely no attention to what the dog is doing or where the dog is pooping.
Guess what?  This isn't good for the dog or the community.  First off, the dog is not being watched & is darting in & out of the road.  Secondly, I'm really sick of all of the poop.

4 - The person who just got home from work & trying to get a quick walk, all the while, texting/chatting on the phone & letting their little shit dog with an attitude run all over the place
See #5 because it applies here, too. I realize your nails/dress slacks might get a little dirty if your dog is near you & that your all-important text/phone call might be interrupted.  I DON'T CARE!  Pay attention to your dog.

3 - The dummy who thinks his/her crazy black lab puppy running full steam at big dogs is cute because it "just wants to play."
REALITY CHECK: It's not cute.  It's seen as aggressive.  Your adorable little puppy is not learning how to interact appropriately with other dogs or people.  It's also not learning to walk properly on a leash or listen to your commands.  You are in for a world of hurt when your cute little lab weighs 100lbs and still doesn't listen to you or walk well on a leash.

2 - The harried mom who lets one of her children "walk" their rambunctious golden retriever with absolutely no leash training while she manages a double stroller & another child who refuses to listen while riding his/her scooter.
I admit that I feel a little sympathy for this mom, to an extent.  I don't have childcare.  I can't leave Klaw at home while I walk the dogs, so I wear him.  You know what else helps?  Investing time in training our dogs to walk on a regular, static leash.  Retractable leashes are, again,  not helping your dog learn how to walk appropriately on leash.  Also, young children should not be walking dogs they cannot control, whether it is due to the size of the dog or because the dog does not respect the child enough to follow the child's commands.  The money &/or time you invest in obedience training with your dog & family is worth it.  If you can't afford a trainer, there are tons of good books & resources online.

As for your kid that won't listen?  I can't really help you there.  I would suggest taking away the scooter.  Just a thought...

and the #1 Retractable Leash Sighting in my neighborhood is:


1 - The "my dogs are my babies" lady with her spoiled little shit dog with an attitude running amuck and trying to attack my dogs.
Please read all of the comments #5 - #2, because they can apply to you, too.  Your spoiled little shit dog with an attitude is a product of you.  I can't blame the dog.  You made the dog this way.  Just because the dog is little does NOT mean it's not aggressive.  It is not cute.  It is aggressive.  Please understand that other dogs don't think your spoiled little shit dog with an attitude is cute, okay?

It also does not mean that it's my dog's fault if he eats your dog.  Guess what?  In this case, your dog was asking for it.  In the natural world, animals fend off aggressors.  The quickest way for a 100lb dog to fend off a 5lb yappy aggressor is to EAT IT.  I would be sad.  For the dog.  For my dog.
By the way, it's not just me:
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