Saturday, June 26, 2010

peaceful parenting: REAL MEN WEAR BABIES

peaceful parenting: REAL MEN WEAR BABIES

I love my Babywearing Baby's Daddy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Babywearing is addictive!

I'm so incredibly excited!  I'm part of a "babywearing swap" group and, well, I've been learning a lot about baby carriers, slings, and wraps.  The more I've learned...the more I've wanted to own.  First of all, babywearing fits in with my parenting style.  Second of all, my scrawny arms are physically unable to carry Klaw around in his awkward bucket (aka carseat) without me hurting myself.  I'm so not kidding - it throws my balance off kilter, which makes me walk funny, which hurts my neck & hips.  As prone as I am to injuring myself, the last thing I need to do is purposely add to the likelihood that it will happen!

So far, I own a ring sling made especially for me by a friend, a Moby stretchy wrap given to me as a gift (so great for snuggly newborns!), and a Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze in Iris (made from gauze & great for hot weather).

Now, on to the current excitement:  the new-to-me Beco 2 Butterfly soft-structured carrier (SSC) arrived today!!!  This carrier is mainly for Chris because he refuses to wear my wraps or sling outside of the house.  The Beco is a great carrier and gets excellent reviews so I am SOOOOO glad I found a Mama selling a used one in EXCELLENT condition!  I also found a used BabyHawk mei tai carrier in a hard to find print that I fell in love with...and I am in the process of buying it as soon as the funds are transferred to my PayPal account.

She's a beauty, isn't she?

This will be it for a while...although, I am starting to research woven wraps.  They are gorgeous but WAY too hot for the summer, so that is definitely on the back burner until it cools off significantly.  I guess this summer I am going to start finding stuff I can sell on eBay to fund my new addiction.

If you are interested in babywearing, there are several good sites to help you do it safely.  I like this blog entry because this Mama describes and reviews a TON of different-style carriers.  This article is a good summary of babywearing safety. Also, this forum is an excellent resource for finding carriers, advice, babywearing friends near you, etc.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm in trouble...

Klaw has a new hobby...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am planning to change the URL of this blog over the next few weeks so that it will no longer include our last names.  I plan to replace our last names with some version of "WhatWereWeThinking" to keep it in line with the blog's title.  From what I've been reading, it should be a fairly seamless transition for the blog & for anyone who is "following" the blog.  For those of you who just check in from time to time, it may take another step.  I'm trying to find out if the current blog URL will automatically redirect to a new URL.  More to come...
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