About Us

We met a month before we got engaged.  We started our family with 2 cats.  We adopted 3 big dogs and an extra-ornery cat. We camped with all 6 cross-country in a pop-up camper.  We added two kids to the pack and the fun never stops. Currently living with 2 kids, 2 dogs, & 2 cats.

Really, what were we thinking?

New to our blog?  Learn about our journey to debt freedom, our parade of pets, & our oldest son's metabolic disorder.

Email: ReallyWhatWereWeThinking (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @TheDanaK @Yetibizzo
Facebook: Really, What Were We Thinking?
YouTube: ReallyWWWThinking

Dana K - progressive liberal, nomad wannabe, beach bum at heart

Chris Bra' - explorer, sailor, navigator, baseball player

Klaw - mover & shaker, lover of learning, limit challenger

Scream - talker, laugher, boy on a mission
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