Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What are we growing?

It's #VlogTalk time again!  I hope the ladies of Mommy Monologues, My Time as a Mom, and Mommy is in Timeout appreciate my support in this venture.  ;-)  It pains me to hear my own voice.

This week, I chose the prompt 3.) What are you growing? A tour of your garden, flower beds, etc.  I wanted to do the prompt about the story of our engagement, but it's a lot better when Chris & I can both describe it. I couldn't allow myself to only bring the funny halfway.

I have a feeling that the What are you growing? prompt was probably directed at people who have a more formal garden or at least an actual garden.  We just kind of have stuff growing.  Most of it is intentional.  Some of it is just lucky to be alive.

Stick around for the bonus OCD footage at the end...

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