Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dirtstache + Unibrow = Senior Hottie

I got permission from Chris to post his senior picture on our blog for the #SeniorHottie meme from Liz at A Belle, A Bean, & a Chicago Dog.  I am so glad, too.

Evidently, Chris was hot stuff at his high school.  He was very smart, very athletic, & could grow facial hair (okay, I don't know if that's why he was hot stuff).  When I look at his senior pictures, I see a unibrow, a dirtstache &  guy who weighs less than I do (um, that's not hot).  It was probably pretty obvious to his classmates that Chris was going somewhere & was going to get out of Monroe.  It's a quaint little town, but I can TOTALLY see why that would be attractive to high school girls.

 Please note the self-confidence that is oh so obvious in this picture.  Yes, he has never doubted his ability to woo the ladies.  You can tell by that devilish grin and those piercing eyes that you will eventually give in to his charms.

The color block shirt is amazing.  So early nineties.  He's charming the photographer at this point, I'm sure.

Wardrobe Change!  See that tie?  I made him finally get rid of it a few years ago.  He claims he's not a hoarder. 

Yes, the ladies' man is good at flashing that devilish grin and striking the incredibly masculine raised leg "I've conquered you" pose..  He has, thankfully, grown into his teeth & his large hands.  He really did weigh less than I do.  I think our high school weights were close.  That's sad for him.

I wouldn't have dated him in high school and I didn't exactly get many dates.  I have never been a fan of the dirtstache. He doesn't believe me. Yeah, like I said, no lacking in the self-confidence department. (You can check out my senior pictures here)

Chris has, thankfully, tamed his unibrow and mustaches are not allowed in the house except for special occasions (like a good ol' White Trash Party). He can now grow hair on every part of his face except for his eyeballs.  It's pretty awesome.

He's definitely a hottie now!

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