Friday, May 27, 2011

Ride Out w/ the Class of '95*

Liz at A Belle, a Bean, & a Chicago Dog decided it would be H-I-Larious to have a special blog link-up for everyone to reminisce about their senior year in high school. Click here to check out Chris's #SeniorHottie blog post.

This is me. I scanned it from my yearbook because I look naked the way they cropped it. I caught a lot of teasing because of this.

Yes, I was in a high school. I loved it and made some wonderful friends through it. I also did some incredibly embarrassing stuff.  Think: Dazed & Confused.

Did any other school do the Senior Last Wills & Testaments?

Ha! This is why I didn't get many dates. I was so obnoxious. I believe I gave this great quote in the cafeteria...where I never ate lunch.

FYI: Miss Most Likely to Succeed is a grad school drop out.
Mr. Most Likely to Succeed is a doctor, if I'm not mistaken.

This is me before prom. Any questions?

 This is right after graduation. It's also one of my favorite pictures of Jessica & me.  What a great night. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of Brunswick.

Go check out some of the other bloggers revisiting their senior year in high school. You won't regret it!!!

*this was our class theme.
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