Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Ten Things I Miss about Chris

10 - Feeding the animals is his responsibility when he's home. It takes a long time to feed 5 animals with various "issues" requiring special treatment &/or medications.  I miss getting up & drinking coffee without having a bunch of yapping mouths surrounding me.

9 - I won't lie, the sailor looks good walking away. (this means he has a really nice butt)

8 - We like to cook together & the food is almost always, it gets eaten. I can't cook full meals because it gets old before I can finish it by myself. I mean, Klaw eats the food, too...but not nearly as much as Chris eats.

7 - I get to shower every day if I want to.

6 - We can tag each other out if Klaw is having a tough time.  We don't have to deal with meltdowns alone, without any back-up.

5 - I can sit down & eat. 

4 -Grilled food. He really loves his grill and will grill anything: meat, fish, corn, other veggies, PIZZA...he'd probably grill beer if that was possible.  I don't grill.  It's too much work and I don't get any satisfaction out of doing it.  I do enjoy eating it, though.

3 - Chris gets my sense of humor. I don't have to censor myself around him for fear of accidentally offending someone. Yes, for those of you who know me outside of the internet, I do censor myself.  Often.  Obviously, I don't have a really big censor or anything.

2 - I miss Chris taking care of the heavy stuff...and I mean literally heavy.  I'm perfectly capable of doing it...but I hate it. I like the trash being taken down to the street & having someone else put stuff up in the attic. It's nice.

1 - The number one thing I miss about Chris is his tendency to tell lame jokes and crack himself up. I don't know if he really thinks they are funny or if he knows they are terrible...but he laughs at himself. I love that. He is so serious about so much stuff that it's nice to see him be silly.  I miss him being both silly & serious.

I just miss him.
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