Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Presidential address to military spouses

I could wax on about everything we military spouses do to keep the home fires burning while our spouses "weave the blanket of freedom y'all sleep so comfortably under every night,"* but I won't.  I will ask you to thank a military spouse at some point today, though.

It's not easy.  It's not easy to say goodbye to your husband & wife and not know exactly where they are or when you will hear from them again.  It's not easy dealing with the aftermath of children & pets (yes, pets!) who aren't able to understand the bigger picture of why mom or dad has to be gone for weeks, months, or even years.  It's not easy not being able to talk about what your spouse is doing or when your spouse will be returning.

The hardest part for me right this very second is cleaning my house.  So, if you feel compelled to thank me, actions speak louder than words, mmmkay?  Please come over & clean my house.  Please?  Pretty please?

I'll buy you cupcakes.  Beer?  Pizza?  You name it.  Just clean my house.

My brother-in-law (once removed?) is mowing my lawn today...but he doesn't clean houses.

That's our Golden Retriever standing in the grass.
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I'm also linking up my Osama is dead; now what? A milspouse's perspective for the Military Spouse Blog Hop & Let's "Bee" Friends blog hop with Bruna of Bees with Honey.  Check them out & read some other great posts!

Let's BEE Friends

*You can thank Chris for this quote.
I have no idea where he got it from but he loves to say it.
All.  The.  Time.
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