Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe

Darcel, the creator of The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe, is an awesome woman, mom, & activist I've met thanks to Twitter. She recently decided that she needed to feel a void in the blogosphere, so I'm doing my part to help her spread the word.

She is a "birth junkie," as she likes to call herself, & has had difficulty finding finding a variety of birth stories being shared online, especially the birth stories from women of color.  The reason for her passion is clear:
 I was not informed of all my choices [about birth] so that is why this space was created. I want to help other women of color. Share stories, talk about all of our options, help them get in touch with good care providers, and do my part to help reduce infant mortality in the black community and the United States.
Darcel has put out a call for moms to share their birth stories through The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe.  We can all learn from each other's experiences.  This is not about natural vs epidural, homebirth vs c-section; it's about sharing what we learned and experienced so that other moms & moms to be can truly be informed and educated participants in the births of their children.  This week, she is featuring Klaw's birth story as an example of an informed, natural birth in a hospital.  All birth stories are welcome. Will you share yours, too?

Follow Darcel on Twitter @MahoganyWayMama.
Join the conversation at The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe on Facebook.
Email Darcel directly at TheMahoganyWay (at) gmail (dot) com.

Darcel has another blog, The Mahogany Way, where you can find information related to attachment parenting & unschooling, among other interesting topics. 
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