Monday, January 9, 2012

What Was Google Thinking?

When you have a blog, you have the ability to keep track of information regarding how & when your blog is accessed, most popular posts, number of visitors, how much time users spend on your blog, etc. My favorite data are the Google search keywords. I have literally guffawed at some of the search terms that lead to our blog, so I thought I'd share a few gems with y'all & link to the posts I must assume they are trying to find...

Chris always makes a huge impact on my stats whenever he's on the blog...especially when it involves dirtstaches & unibrows:

ugly annoying christopher
dirtstache december
i have a unibrow and i want to get rid of it but im not allowed
i think unibrows are hot

stupid husband blog

I don't warrant the same number of search terms:

hot wife vlog - obviously, this is the only possible video that warrants this particular search term.

is my face fat or swollen - how about both?

My hometown even makes the cut:

brunswick, ga why does it stink - the actual answer is a combination of paper mills (which everyone will agree on the amount of stink these cause) and a rich marsh ecosystem (which most of us locals consider to be the smell of life & not stinky at all).

Outside of all of the VLCADD posts, I can only assume the following search term also belonged to Klaw:

ugly ass infections - I think we had this covered in September of 2010.

I'm not sure if this is some sort of fetish, but...

women holding chicken by feet - I really do get a significant amount of traffic thanks to Morgan's blog, The Little Hen House, and, hopefully, this person enjoyed her guest post..

As for these?  I have no clue. I hope you found whatever you were looking for when Google brought you to my blog.

my cat is hissing at me and i'm 39 weeks pregnant

toilet leak blog comments by intensedebate

 pictures of south carolina trash cans

What are some of the strangest sites Google searching has led you to? Do you have any crazy search terms that led people to your blog or website? 

Were any of you responsible for these search terms? It's okay. You can totally admit it. 
I won't blog about you. 
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