Wednesday, July 13, 2011

headin' to the 'stink

as in Brunstink.

or Brunswick, GA as some people refer to it.

I hope to get some good pictures, maybe some vlogs.  I'm also going to be working with a blog designer behind the scenes to update the look & feel of Really, What Were We Thinking?

In preparation, I have already had a 25 point assessment of our blog done by Eli Rose Social Media and they are in the process of helping me develop a personal strategy as I move forward with the blog.  For the most part, they pointed out design issues with the blog that have been bothering me but I lack the html knowledge to change it on my own (and, let's face it, I lack the desire to learn a whole bunch of coding).

While I'm on my little vacation (is it actually a vacation when you have the toddler with you?), I hope to flesh out some ideas for future posts.  A nice subtropical beach town should be inspiring, right?  RIGHT????

As my brain is hardly working these days, what would you like to see me write more about each week?  Do you find my nerdilicious fact-filled semi-crunchy lifestyle pieces tantalizing?  Do you prefer it when I make fun of myself and post ridiculous pictures of mullets or swollen body parts?  Is Klaw the cutest kid you've ever seen and you wish I'd post more pictures of him every single day?  (Feel free to keep it to yourself if he is not)

I'm really interested in what you would like to see more of in this blog.  I know what posts are the most popular based on my stats, but I'd like to hear directly from y'all, the community that reads & responds to what we write.  Please leave a comment & let me know what you have enjoyed so far and/or what you'd like to see more of in the future.

Thank you! 

Oh, yeah, would-be-burglars, the house is not empty.
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