Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Virginia Living Museum #HRVA

I fell in love with the Virginia Living Museum the very first time I visited.  The entire museum is kid-friendly but packed with enough educational information to be interesting to adults, also.

The price per visit is pretty steep but the various membership packages are well-worth it and will save you a ton of money if you plan to visit the museum more than once or twice a year.

the "big" ocean life tank

Klaw is not reading at the moment and he has the attention span of a gnat, unless he has an iphone in his hands. The Virginia Living Museum offers indoor & outdoor space for him to have lots of visual stimuli without being overwhelmed by loud noises (okay, maybe I'm the one that doesn't like loud places).

running through one of the ecosystem exhibits

The Virginia Living Museum takes you through the various ecosystems found within Virginia, including plants, animals, topography, & a bit of history. They have several tanks that are made to be easily viewed by children & adults alike. They are always well-staffed with incredibly knowledgeable volunteers who are there to share tidbits about the animals and exhibits through the museum.

one of the smaller "river" tanks

There is a nice boardwalk that gives you access to view various mammals and birds in a more natural setting. I don't have any good pictures of the boardwalk because Klaw likes to run the whole way around. He does occasionally stop and call the wolves "Seh-sah," which is what he calls our dog, Samson.

an alligator

The Virginia Living Museum also has garden exhibits, a "green" house that explains different eco-friendly building techniques, and a planetarium. We have yet to take advantage of the planetarium because of Klaw's age and attention span.

I honestly love this place and we try to go at least twice a month.  School & daycare groups do visit a lot, so it is sometimes very crowded during the week but we've always managed to have a good time.  Another reason having a membership is so great is that if it is crowded or Klaw is having a tough day, we can always come back another time.

Klaw letting me know he was not happy.
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