Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

So, we had a bit of excitement over the past few days thanks to Hurricane Irene.

We lost power for almost 48 hours, had 3 leaks, two portions of our fence were blown in, and a small portion of our roof is gone (plus various shingles).  All in all, we got off pretty easy with Hurricane Irene.  We didn't have to deal with flooding  & there isn't any structural damage to our house.  We also didn't have to leave our house, all the while hoping we'd have a house to come home to.  I'd say we are dealing with minor inconveniences, in the big picture.

As of today, we've contacted USAA about the wind & water damage, Dish Network is out here fixing our satellite, and our refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned & sanitized.  We've had two absolutely perfect days since Hurricane Irene passed through Hampton Roads.

So many people have been deeply and permanently affected by Hurricane Irene.  Although, by hurricane standards, she may have seemed like a "joke" and "boring" to some, she has proved to be quite formidable.

Please keep the families, states, and regions still picking up the pieces in your thoughts and/or prayers.
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