Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#VlogTalk party at our house

This week's VlogTalk email included the following prompt:

1) Get your song on. Karaoke, rap, country, rock, whatever you want as long as you are performing in front of the camera.

Chris & I have a rather extensive karaoke collection. We are currently on our 2nd karaoke machine.  We bought our 1st when it became apparent that purchasing our own machine would be financially prudent.  Previously, we had been renting professional karaoke equipment for parties at our (rented) house in the boondocks of Poulsbo, WA.  Yes, we were party central.

Now that we are older and have a child and aren't renting, we are a bit more settled.  Most of our karaoke nights are just the two of us singing our little hearts out.  Here's a sampling of some of our greatest hits.


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