Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Punching Thursday in the Throat

Yeah, Thursday, August 18, 2011, you can suck it.

Last night we got little to no sleep because Samson was obviously uncomfortable and unhappy.

This morning, the smoke from the Dismal Swamp fires was back in full force after a 2 day hiatus.

Chris left for work in a completely pissy mood.

I was in a completely pissy mood.

Klaw has been teething for weeks, so he joined us in our pissy moods. This kid needs a break, please!  Today was the worst day we've had.  He's literally been screaming most of the day.  He doesn't chew on teething rings, so I was giving him smashed, cold blueberries. He was screaming and crying while eating them because he's in so much pain. (Don't worry, I busted out the ibuprofen and he's feeling a bit better now)

Samson was refused to eat this morning and has been restless and depressed all day.  The sedative dosage is wearing off, so we have to increase it (which did help some).  He did finally eat a little bit around mid-day.

Oh, because of all the stupid smoke, I can't let Klaw play outside.  My asthma has been acting up & I definitely don't want him to be exposed to this much smoke, if it can be avoided.  Also, because of all the stuff with Samson, we haven't exactly been getting out to the Children's Museum or the Living Museum, so that has definitely not helped Klaw's outlook or attitude lately.  (or mine, to be quite honest)

Boomer is being a complete butthole to Samson.  Boomer has a bad habit of starting fights he can't finish, so he's taking advantage of the fact that Samson is lame right now.  Nothing like kicking a dog when he's down.  He almost deserves his own throat punch because of the way he's acting.

Roscoe has taken his incessant barking to a brand new level.  I love him but SHUT UP, please.

Oh, the kicker?  Samson needed to have his bandages removed today.  I walked out to move my car so that I could help Samson get into it more easily and it won't frickin' start. WON'T FRICKIN' START!!!

Well, that's not entirely true - it would start & then slowly die off like a toy that needs new batteries. I was in absolute shock. It was seriously the last thing I needed to deal with today.  Of course, it also happened while Chris was taking an exam at work so he was completely unaware of my day's total breakdown.

Yes, I called his work phone & cell phone, I sent him a tweet, and I emailed him just to make sure he got all of my crazy messages.  I'm nothing, if not thorough.

Finally, Chris got home and, I swear, the clouds parted.  All my car needed was a jump (ok, I had left an interior light on for a couple of days...), which Chris took care of easily.  Klaw finally napped.  Chris unclogged the toilet that Klaw had managed to clog (which I think is awfully, disgustingly impressive for a 16 month old).  Chris also took Samson to get his bandages off.

The world is still spinning, the sun will still set, and the moon will still rise.

I am now enjoying a cider.
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