Monday, January 24, 2011

Genetics Appointment was a long day!  Four hours total with the genetics counselor, dietitian, geneticist, & lab.  Klaw missed his morning nap and GOODNESS GRACIOUS it was obvious.  I think he finally showed Outpatient 2B his temper.  Of course, they still think he's adorable.  He is.

Well, there is still a concern about Klaw's immune system.  Evidently the blood was not drawn in order to test his immune system way back when it was requested in October while we were hospitalized for the cold & UTI.  So, we had to do it today along with his regular bloodwork.  He was not a happy camper.  I had to have blood drawn also, so we gave Klaw a brief break before we stuck him again.  Sadly, the first stick decided to stop producing about halfway through the vials.  This hasn't happened for a long time, so it just made things even tougher.

Side note:  If you need blood drawn, I highly recommend going to your nearest children's hospital and let the wonderful & gentle phlebotomists who are accustomed to delicately drawing blood from teeny tiny babies take care of you.

Overall, he's growing well and looking great.  Klaw is now 30 inches long and 24 pounds.  The genetics counselor noticed his head was now in a higher percentile, which can be an issue if there is a big jump (it wasn't).  I let her know that I have a very large noggin myself, so this is probably genetic and nothing to worry about.

Klaw is eating very well.  I am giving him whatever we are eating at home (within reason - no mac & cheese or any other high fat dishes we indulge in occasionally) mashed up & mixed with a little fat-free plain yogurt to tone down the spices.  He loves it.  We still buy jarred food for when we go out to eat because it's so hard to tell what is in restaurant dishes and he's not to the point where I could order steamed veggies, no butter.

He still hasn't produced any teeth. Everyone says this is a good thing & means his teeth will be nice & strong.  I hope that's the case because it will partially make up for the random crazy nights when he is so obviously uncomfortable.

Also - he's on the verge of walking.  I know I'm not ready for it but he's so darn proud of himself when he stands there without holding on to anything or cruises from the couch to the coffee table.  I have to be proud of him, too.

I'll post some more pictures soon...dinner's ready!
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