Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

1 - - I love this little iPhone app.  It makes my crappy iPhone pictures look cute!

2 - Draft Cider - A cider a day keeps the doctor away.

3 - California Baby Calendula Cream -This stuff is great!  It is soothing to the skin, great for minor scratches or skin irritation, and it smells good, boot. I use it on Klaw and myself.  Perfume makes me fairly nauseated (it only got worse during pregnancy) but I could smell calendula all day long.

4 - Springtime, Inc. Longevity Powder - This supplement has worked wonders for our dogs. Samson was prone to hot spots & fairly regular GI issues.  Boomer had several outbreaks of demodex mange, which is related to immune system issues and is not contagious. Since adding this supplement (we also eventually upgraded their food to Innova Evo), both dogs have rarely had any issues.  Their poop is fine (hey - it's a great indicator of health!!!), their skin & coat is healthy, and they continue to act younger than their ages.

5 - Northland Cranberry/Pomegranate 100% Juice - It's good.  That is all.

*Disclaimer - I receive absolutely nothing for doing these lists.*
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