Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Light a Light for Mito #KnowAboutMito

Each Wednesday during Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week is set aside to remember the lives that have been lost to mitochondrial disease.


Mitochondrial disease runs the gamut from fairly manageable disorders that have little effect on overall life expectancy to disorders that still carry an overall fatal prognosis. For Klaw, his first year of life was the most tenuous but management of his VLCADD has been successful. He is expected to lead a fairly typical life with continued health management and regular observation of his liver and heart functions, barring any surprises or major illnesses which could throw him into a metabolic crisis.

For others, there is a steady decline in the function on major health systems.  Many children with mitochondrial disease do not survive to reach adulthood. For some adults, a typical, productive life can suddenly take a downturn to debilitating symptoms with little to no hope for improvement.

If you or someone you know has lost the battle to mitochondrial disease, please take moment to light a candle in their memory.
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