Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 5 #Blissdom Takeaways

I know, I know, I'm late to the game. In my defense, I have been very busy! I barely had time to breathe before we had to pack up again for a trip to Pittsburgh to visit one of Klaw's specialists, Dr. Vockley.

I have some deeper posts in mind about my experiences at the Blissdom conference, but I needed to get some of the general ideas out of my head and into the blogosphere.

Robin, Angela, ME, Jessica, & Carri

My Top 5 Blissdom Conference Takeaways

1 - Wow. There are some unique, impressive, wonderful women in the Blissdom world. I had a few people I knew I wanted to meet because of our interactions with our blogs, on Facebook, or on the Twitter.  I didn't expect to find so many awesome women in one location. It was almost like being back at Wesleyan College...except I was dressed better and Gaylord Opryland is bigger than Wesleyan.

2 - My inner voice needs to shut the hell up. Even medicated (whut whut zoloft), I still have a persistent nagging voice telling me that I'm not good enough, that I can't make a difference, and that I don't matter. I know this isn't the truth but it's very hard to not listen to words I hear every day inside my head. Several of the sessions and the keynote speaker, Jon Acuff, reminded me that I have got to find a way to let go of my self-doubt.

3 - I actually do cry and ocassionally it's in public with witnesses like Fadra & Bernice and no one has a tissue so I have to tear pages out of my notebook to wipe my nose.

4 - I like to nap...even if that means I miss sessions I planned to attend.

5 - I may have to adjust my PR Policy because I realized there are actually a few big brands I wouldn't have a problem promoting through a business relationship.  Granted, I am already a fan of these just never crossed my mind that they'd be interested in working with bloggers.

Have you ever gone to a conference or retreat that exceeded your expectations? What was it? What is something you'd like to experience or learn at a conference or retreat?
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