Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nice to Meet You! You Suck!

Chris is participating in Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop this week!  Enjoy!


Ok. So the title isn't exactly what was said when I first met my MIL, but that's what I heard.

I'll set the scene, briefly.

Chris and Dana meet. Chris buys Dana and roommate dinner. Chris asks Dana out. Chris goes out with Dana a few times. Dana goes out with Chris a few times to make another guy jealous. Chris tries to kiss Dana. Denied! Chris almost throws in the towel. Chris and Dana go out some more. Chris and Dana dare each other to get married to each other. Both accept. Both call their parents to tell them the great news.

At least I thought it was great news. That was until Dana called her mom.

Dana excitedly calls her mom, a woman I had never met or talked to, and tells her that we are engaged. Dana, being a lifetime member of the Prankster Club, is questioned by her mom if this is another attempt to get a good laugh at her expense. Dana tells her no; that this for real.

 Suddenly, the phone is handed to me with the statement from Dana that her mom doesn't believe her.

I take the phone and say "hello".

"Are you really going to marry my daughter," Joye asks.
"Yes, I am." I reply.
"I'm not sure you are good enough to marry my daughter," Joye then says.

I know, right? How dare she say that.

In any event, the conversation continued. Joye said that before this goes any further I had to meet her in person. I said sure and told her that Dana and I could come down the following weekend.

She said that that was fine but leave Dana there.*

This was going to be she and I, me and her.


I wasn't too worried because I typically got along with parents of prior girlfriends. I made arrangements to stay at Dana's moms' home that weekend and all I kept thinking about was her telling me that I wasn't good enough for her daughter.

So when I finally pulled up into the driveway of Joye's home, I was ready to prove her wrong. We exchanged courtesies right away, although I don't remember if we hugged or not. We immediately went to lunch where I proceeded to get the third degree and was asked questions as if I were on trial.

It was a bit rough, I wont lie.

I suppose it went fine because she didn't say "You Suck."

Joye's smiling, right?

Mama’s Losin’ It

 5.) Describe what it was like meeting your in-laws for the first time?

 *For the record, I told Chris not to do it. - Dana

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