Thursday, March 24, 2011

Assplosions & Immunology Appointments

First of all, the past 12 hours in our household have been ruled by Murphy's Law.  

A storm (not a major one, mind you) rolled in.

I decided to go to bed early because we needed to get on the road to CHKD for Klaw's Immunology appointment during rush hour.

The dogs begin to FREAK OUT!  Roscoe is barking AT THE RAIN!!!

Klaw picks this evening to put up a fight instead of falling asleep.

The dogs are FREAKING OUT!!!  They are running around the living room and barking like crazy.

Klaw goes to sleep.  Chris comes to bed.  IT'S 4,000° IN OUR BEDROOM!!!

The dogs are FREAKING OUT!!!  Roscoe is whining & Samson keeps running to the door.  For once, Boomer was the least obnoxious of our dogs.

The dogs get let out no less than 3 times over the course of the night.  When they go outside, THEY FREAK OUT!!!  They run around until finally getting down to business.

Klaw is restless the entire night.  I don't sleep.  Chris doesn't sleep.  Windows get opened.  Fans get turned on.  Thankfully, the temperature drops to 3,000° right before we have to get up.

I get up shortly after Chris leaves, two hours before Klaw & I need to leave for CHKD.  I pack the diaper bag, prepare his Monogen to take in case we get stuck at CHKD for hours on end, and grab some toys.  I wake Klaw up about 30 min before we have to leave.  He's fed, dressed, & we are walking out the door when he decides to have an assplosion of epic proportions.  I have to change him - which is very difficult to do - and we both end up, um, sullied during what should have been a cleansing process.  We finally get on the road with 26 minutes to make our 9am appointment.  I call Chris to have him call Immunology to let them know that we will be late.

We arrive.  We see the immunologist.  We leave.

We finally make it home and I walk in to a putrid, yet all too familiar smell....poop of the Canis familiarus variety.  Samson.  Poor, poor Samson.  *VOMIT*  (No, I didn't leave it for Chris to clean up later - it's rinsing with all kinds of gross poop killing enzymes as I type) (Yes, I wanted to)  Seriously, with the exceptions of the September Salmonella & the Christmas GI Gift, this is the crappiest day I've had in a while.


There is a silver lining...

On a day when I was just not mentally prepared to handle any bad news whatsoever...

The immunologist let me know that Klaw's immune system looks perfectly healthy.  His blood work show no immunity issues at all.  This is a blessingVLCADD can be bad enough; we didn't want him to have to deal with a compromised immune system on top of everything else.  This allows us to have a little bit of normality in our lives.  Klaw is no more likely to develop an infection than any other average kid, even though his body's response to infection requires more urgent care.

Average.  Normal.  Healthy.  Three of the most cherished words in my vocabulary.
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