Friday, March 11, 2011

Righting Past Wrongs

Several years ago, while Chris & I were living in California, Jimmy Buffett had a show in San Francisco right around the time of our anniversary. I had the Ticketmaster page open & all Chris needed to do was enter our debit card information & click "submit."

Evidently, that hint was not obvious enough.

I just found out that Jimmy Buffett is coming to Virginia Beach this May. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am.

Chris - this is your chance to right a past wrong & make me finally shut up about San Francisco.

Update 12MAR2011: Jimmy Buffett tickets did not actually go on sale at LiveNation until 10:20am EST.  Yes, I sat there & refreshed the page for 20 minutes. I immediately tried to purchase tickets and failed.  The General Admission/Lawn tickets are $30 apiece ($46 with fees) and the scalpers are selling those tickets for $114 apiece ALREADY!!!  Sorry.  As much as I love Jimmy Buffett, I am not spending $228 on two tickets.
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