Thursday, November 29, 2012

In case you missed it..

I'm 20 weeks pregnant.

I thought about doing a comparison shot from 20wks with Klaw...but no.

With another boy.

We are calling him Scream. Why?

Even my midwife laughed at this.

Yep, he's already upped the creepy factor by 11. Definitely my kid.

So, anyways, this has been keeping me busy. I don't do pregnancy well but at least I'm not as sick as I was with Klaw.

I am definitely showing earlier than I was with Klaw, which has been weird. The 20wk ultrasound looked good, everything was where it was supposed to be and working properly. Naturally, like a boy, Scream was very cooperative when the tech went looking for proof of his sex.

Does that ever change?

We had a nice Thanksgiving and got to see a lot of family members. My aunt & uncle conveniently live halfway between Chris's mom & dad's homes, which is nice. My mom & nana were able to come up so we got to see almost everyone in one fell swoop.

3 of the 4 cousins

The cousins had a great time...even though Klaw wanted to take ElfBabyK home with him (she is the tiniest, cutest thing ever). We've also noticed that ElfBabyK's twin brother, W, favors Klaw. Which is odd. I'm going to assume Brooks (BIL) and I are related somewhere down the's safer that way.

Klaw also got a piggy back ride from my cousin, Luke...

Yes, 4 legged family members outnumber the bipeds on my side of the family.

There are a few other things on my plate now, too...but I'm waiting a little while to unveil them.

Any big changes on the way in your lives?
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