Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dream That Made Me Question My Medication...

The other night, I had a ridiculous dream.  I imagine it was similar to what one might experience during a bad LSD trip.  The best part is that when I woke up, I immediately thought to myself, "I need Jillsmo to illustrate this dream for my blog."

I'm not kidding.  I woke up from a disturbing dream and thought about another blogger.

Anyways, the focus of my dream was a huge see-saw contraption positioned on the middle of a king-size bed with EIGHT bears on it.  Yes, eight bears.  On a super see-saw.  On a bed.

I knew those bears were some of Jillsmo's now-famous The Popsicle Bear Thing©.  The only thing left was for me to convince Jill of this fact and bring my dream to life on my blog.

We had some tweeting & emailing to do before we could accomplish this task in order to clarify the vision.

I put too much pressure on Jill.  She doubted her ability.

Rough Draft #2

Rough Draft #1

I begged. Jill relented. I rejoiced.

Thank you, Jillsmo.

eight bears on a seesaw, as dreamed by Dana K

PS - tomorrow is my birthday...
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