Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm sick, y'all.

And I hate it.

In fact, I hate almost everything right now. I am a MISERABLE sick person.

I have bookmarked a site to check for drug interactions because I am taking as many OTC medications & herbal concoctions as I (mostly safely) can in the hopes that something eradicates the gunk that is inside of me.

Yes...the Neti pot is getting a LOT of action. It ain't pretty, folks. I'm pretty sure it would get me banned for life from YouTube if I vlogged it.

Please send thoughts and prayers to Chris & Klaw as they continue to deal with me. Also, feel free to ask the powers that be for a Dora or Team UmiZoomi marathon.

Yes, the TV is Klaw's babysitter right now.

It also seems like a LOT of people are currently sick, but I, admittedly, have tunnel vision right now.

I hope you all get better soon. If you haven't been sick, I hope this plague skips you & your family.

this post brought to you by caffeine, sudafed, mucinex, Advil, & Benadryl
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