Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I'm wearing to #Blissdom

I didn't think I'd do this, but I'm posting my Blissdom Conference outfits.

My lame justification is that maybe it will help people recognize me?


For the actual main two days of Blissdom, I'm wearing dark wash, wide legged jeans with comfy tops and shoes (Clarks clogs are my winter shoes). I'm debating wearing my sunglasses on my head even though we'll be inside. They are such a part of who I am.

I am torn about what to wear for the "Girls Night Out" event. I haven't been able to find shoes I like or earrings that I like, so I'll probably bring the dress and a backup outfit in case I'm not pleased. Part of the problem with the shoes is that I absolutely have to try shoes on, so I've found plenty online but none in local stores.
I'm not bringing too many extra clothes or shoes. I'll be better off if I don't have many options and I like to pack light. So light that I often forget something crucial.

Also, I don't like changing my clothes multiple times each day. I figure I'll be under-dressed for some of the events. I'll live.  I'm also not wearing pajamas to the "Girls Night In." I sleep in boxers & old t-shirts. Nobody needs to see that...not even my husband.  Sorry, Debi, you're out of luck since you are a sharing a room with me.

I keep dreaming that I pack everything but underwear. That has to mean something, right?

How do you pack for long weekends? All or nothing? Do you care what other people are wearing? Do you care what you are wearing? Will I remember to pack underwear?
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