Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where are we???

Hey, everybody!

I just wanted to give a quick & dirty update on some of the places you can follow Really, What Were We Thinking in addition to this blog.

Twitter -
@TheDanaK - I post about a lot of stuff, including politics & activism that I don't typically delve into on the blog. I cuss sometimes. Consider yourself warned.
@Yetibizzo - Chris mostly, um, complains about sports. He complains rather colorfully. Again, consider yourself warned.

Facebook -
Really, What Were We Thinking? - I post links to articles & blog posts I think people would find interesting.  I ocassionally share pictures & videos. I also pose random questions to our followers.

YouTube -
ReallyWWWThinking - Our YouTube channel is mostly videos uploaded for #VlogTalk BUT I have started uploading random videos (mostly of Klaw) that are not going to be published on the blog. So, if you are interested in more up to date videos of Klaw (I'm looking at y'all, grandparents!), you may want to follow Klaw's playlist.

 I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Last Christmas set the bar pretty low, so I can honestly say this is the best Christmas season we've ever had with Klaw.
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