Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Gave Up 'Poo for a Week!

No, I'm not constipated.  I gave up commercial shampoo for a week, commonly referred to as "no 'poo."  Clever, eh?

Baking Soda
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I have never found a shampoo that really works well for me & my hair. I even used "Thicker, Richer, Fuller" for a while but it was pointless.  My hair is very thick, very straight, & very heavy.  When the natural oils start to flow down (which is about 5 minutes after I wash it), it becomes a thick, heavy, boring, lifeless mess.

Over the past couple of years, I started hearing about a lot of people doing the whole "No 'Poo" thing and, well, I scoffed at them.  I mean, sometimes I'll go several days without washing my hair but it's not on purpose.  It's just gross, right?

Wrong.  In fact, my snap judgment couldn't have been MORE wrong!  I'm so glad I challenged myself to give up shampoo & conditioner for a week to see what all the crunchtastic hype was about.

9/4 wash & condition (Suave Naturals for volume)
9/5 baking soda
9/6 baking soda
9/7 jogging - baking soda
9/8 jogging - baking soda
9/9 a little oily - baking soda
9/10 baking soda
9/11 wash & condition (Suave Naturals for volume)
9/12 baking soda

My hair was fuller & less oily with the baking soda rinses. It felt limp when I washed/conditioned it but was super shiny. My hair was, again, awesome when I used baking soda the next night.

I won't be switching 100% to baking soda right now, but I will be cutting back on shampoo/conditioner. I have been very pleased with the results and I continue to space out my shampooing with baking soda rinses.

I definitely recommend giving the baking soda rinses a try if you have hair similar to mine.

Have you tried "no 'poo"? What were your results? Any other "no 'poo" tips for other hair types?

*note that many "No 'Poo" instructions use vinegar. I don't. I can't. 
It reminds me of that time I had head lice and I want to vomit.
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