Friday, June 17, 2011

you know that show, "party of five"?

Yeah, you look like that girl.  What's her name?  Oh, yeah, Jennifer something.  You look like her.  Did you know that?

^^^that is basically what happened to me any night I went out my freshman year in college.  Yes, my hair was long.  Yes, Party of Five was a popular show.  Yes, this should have been a compliment.


I HATED IT!!!  It made my blood boil to hear Mercer frat monkeys or Macon Whoopees (defunct ice hockey team) use this as their pick up line.  I understand that I should have, perhaps, been flattered.  However, I wasn't used to male attention and, first & foremost, I am a big ol' nerd!  I didn't like the the show, therefore it was not a compliment.

So, Morgan over at the little hen house has a celebrity look-alike linkup going on right now, so I figured I might as well join in the fun.  What do you think?  Yes on J. Love?

I also got Fiona Apple a few times.  Did I mention that in addition to really long hair, I was disgustingly skinny & my eyes kind of bugged out sometimes?

Just for fun, I'm including my husband's new found celebrity look-alike: Ohio State University Head Football Coach, Luke Fickell.

So, hop on over to Morgan's Blog and check out some of the other celebrity look-alikes!  Who do you always hear that you look like?

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