Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hooomeward Bound...

I just got back from a sojourn South for a week & a half with a 6 week old.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Truth be told, Klaw is an excellent traveler!  He was not bothered by the different locales, being locked in a car seat for hours on end, or all of the excitement of new people & lots of activity.

The purpose of the trip was my best friend's wedding on St. Simon's Island.  It was absolutely beautiful - the weather was perfect, the location divine & the bride gorgeous!  Congratulations to Sharon & Bill and best wishes for all of the happiness in the world!

In addition to Sharon's wedding, my Sister, Niece, Aunt & Uncle also came down to Nana & Mama had the whole family minus Chris & my Brother-in-Law.  Evidently, Klaw was quite personable and enjoyed meeting the whole family.

Now for the drama:

Klaw decided to jump from eating a mere 21 oz a day to about 27 oz a day for a few days.  The dietician at CHKD and I had not planned on this extreme jump when we worked to figure out how much Monogen I would need to take with me on this trip.  By Sunday, I realized I was going to be up the proverbial creek without a paddle so I frantically contacted the dietician.  I was afraid I would have to cut my trip short...then I became afraid that I wouldn't even have enough formula to make it home!  Talk about a scared Mama!!!

I was stressing out majorly at this point and I tend to keep my cool pretty well - I guess those days are over if the stressful situation involves my kid!  To make the situation even better, my iPhone dies.  DIES!!!!  A complete and horrible death.  I lost 24 hr access to email, facebook, my games...MY GAMES!!!!  Oh, and I couldn't make phone calls, either.  I had no way to be contacted by anyone who didn't know my mom's phone number.

Within 24 hours, the dietician had found another dietician nearby that had samples of a formula, Enfaport Lipil, that could be used in place of the Monogen until we returned.  Big hugs to Nemours Children's Clinic for helping us out!!!

After picking up the Lipil, we made our way over to the Apple Store in St. Johns Town Center so I could try & get my phone fixed.  Guess what???  I stumped the Apple Geniuses.  Yep, my phone was/is/always shall be kaput.  Oh well, I had to buy a new phone!    Now, I am in the process of reinstalling many of my apps and hoping I can one day remember all of my contacts...yep, I never synced my contact list, so I lost them ALL!!!
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