Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, we've gotten a lot accomplished during Chris's leave period.  He's been busy moving furniture, painting & putting furniture together.  We've both run ourselves ragged traipsing about Hampton Roads to buy baby necessities, attend our Hypnobirthing class, look at other furniture we need, etc.  However, my favorite part of this whole slew of activities has been our visits to local area thrift stores.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good deal (Mom hates it when I say I'm cheap).  We hit two Salvation Army Family Stores & two Goodwill thrift stores.  We purchased 45 articles of gently used clothing and spent approximately $1.42 per article, running the gamut of sizes between newborn & 24 months.  You can't beat that...and I haven't even visited all of the thrift stores around here (luckily, my sister knows some more good ones so Chris will be off the hook if he so chooses).  So, I feel good knowing we saved a TON of money AND we supported good causes.  When the time comes, I will gladly pass these clothes on to friends or donate them back to the local Goodwill so other people can use them, too.

Side note for more deals we've taken advantage of recently:  the NEX has a convertible crib, changing table, & chest of drawers set for ~$250, our Graco TravelLite stroller/car seat system was on sale almost 40% off at Babies-R-Us, & our Fisher Price Little Lamb Cradle Swing (~$150), also at Babies-R-Us, currently comes with a 50-pack of diapers, any size.
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